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Internet Explorer 9 beta Quick-Tabs Extender

28. September 2010 16:09 by abhilashca in Internet Explorer, Downloads

Internet Explorer 9 beta comes with a new-feature called – Quick-Tabs which displays your active website visits.

By default, the Quick-Tab displays only 2 Rows of active websites, with 5 websites in each row.

Default view

Ever imagined about, extending the number of Quick-Tab Rows, to a value say – 3 Rows.

Modified view

IE9b Quick-Tabs Extender helps you to extend the number of Quick-Tab Rows.

All you have to do is to download and run the application.

IE9b Q-Tab Extender

Specify the required number of Quick-Tab Rows. Hit Apply and Restart your browser. And, You’re done…!!!

Download IE9b Quick-Tab Extender


  1. This is applicable to Internet Explorer 9 Beta and above
  2. The Minimum and Default Quick-Tab row count is 2 and Maximum Quick-Tab row is 5. This is by design.
  3. .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run this application.

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Eric Lawrence 9/29/2010 2:37:47 AM United States #
Eric Lawrence

"QuickTabs" was an unrelated IE8 feature, accessible via the Windows+Q hotkey, that shows you thumbnails of your open tabs.

In contrast, the IE9 feature is called the "New Tab Page" and is shown when you visit the URL about:tabs.

Abhilash 9/29/2010 6:17:30 PM India #

Hi Eric,
Thanks for the comment.

And Yes, 'Quick-Tab' was a feature in IE8, which is disabled by deafult in IE9b. I knew there is some naming confusion with the term: 'Quick-Tab Extender'.

Thanks for pin-pointing it. Actually, I's in a hurry when developing this. So probability of choosing a wrong name is High. Frown

Thanks once again. Will keep in mind. Smile

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